Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hamilton Beach Brew Station REview

I am not very good or experienced at writing reviews but I just had to share this new product ......
Have you ever gotten up in the morning and wished you had fresh coffee ready for you but was worried that if you decided to sleep in it would be too cold by the time you drank it?  If so worry no more Hamilton Beach has produced the ideal coffee maker just for you.  It has a timer that keeps coffee warm up to 4 hours past the brew time and if that is not long enough then you can press on and hold for 3 secs to increase the time up to another 4 hours.   The other thing I really like about this coffee maker is that it is brewed inside no glass carafe to break or have to clean and if you want a cup of joe during brewing just put your cup up and push the button.  If all this is not enough then check this out it also has a feature that will brew your coffee extra strong or BOLD it also gives you instructions to make Iced Coffee or just brew 1-4 cups.  The only negative is that with the measurement of the water it doesnt tell you to go above or below the line so it is a hit or miss with that.  Finally when you have enjoyed your fresh brewed coffee for 30 cycles or when the filter is grimy a clean light will appear reminding you to care for your product which will extend the life of it. 

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