Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you Sason and Pobi / Makobiscribe for the amazing cards

What a wonderful surprise today UPS delivered my win from Sason and Pobi/ Makobiscribe they are amazing Valentines from Hallmark ....the first one is a cool one that shakes and plays music who wouldnt love to receive this one:
Then I opened the which is very shiny and stenciled and very romantic and unusual you will never find a card like this anywhere else :
And Finally there was the chocolate hearts who doesnt love a picture of some good chocolate guess it is next best thing to the rasl mccoy... Also Did yu know that Special cards from Hallmark come with a postage paid envelope included I didnt until I received this one and noticed the no postage needed on the envelope I was pleasantly surprised I know that they wont be received by tomorrow but I have special someones in mind for these cards....
Thank You Makobiscribe and Sason and Pobi for this amazing prize........

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