Friday, January 27, 2012


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank You The WIC Project

TOday I received my win from The WiC Project  it consisted of several things that were a mystery until we opened our boxes.  In mine I found a $5 Amazon GC- Coupons for $1.00 off Chex cereal ,,, a coupon for free noodles .....A sample of Lindor chocolates----a Secret Clinical Strength waterproof deodorant---and a very nice Insulated Lunch bag (not pictured)  What is the best part of sweeping not knowing what you are getting until you open the package.   Thank you so Much .


Come enter the giveaway to win one of several prizes including a LeapFrog LeapPad -coupon inserts - chicobag -etc hurry it ends in 15 hours and counting

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Received Juno Jr Basket

Today I received my win from Motherhood Later.... The Prize included The DAy the Music Stopped Book ...A Juno Jr Bag ....The DAy the music stopped DVD ......One Bunny Band DVD....and a Juno Doll.   The kids could not wait to open the box and their eyes lit up when they saw the presents.  Bailey immediately wanted the Doll..and Brennan couldnt wait to read the book ok so at 19 months I did the reading but it was a very good story.  The DVD we watched was the Day The Music Stopped.. it is very fun to watch and educational for the kids.. To see there eyes light up when they see the bunny and kitty and to watch them dance is so funny.  Highly recommend these DVDs to all who have preschoolers.

Win From 01/20/2012

Received an email stating I was a winner of the give away.  The Prize pack I won is the following:

One (1) ADULT SWIM Jollypocalypse End of Days Holiday Survival Kit prize pack consisting of one (1) ADULT
SWIM pocket tool, one (1) ADULT SWIM hoodie, one (1) pair of Schwood sunglasses, one (1) messenger bag, one
(1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force™ DVD, one (1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force™ watch, one (1) Children’s Hospital™
calendar, one (1) Squidbillies™ Album, one (1) ADULT SWIM water bottle, and one (1) box/set of ADULT SWIM

Cant wait to get this one .

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

two more WINS

Today I have received and email from Sphoonkles stating i was one of the winners for a $100 Amazon GC cant wait to get it and buy buy buy ..  Another win I received an email from stating I won a  gift basket from Juno including Juno Jr DVDs, a book and Juno doll. I am sure Bailey will love this.  I will post review on this product later after I receive it.    Winning seems to be so much easier later and their are so many blog contests and company sweepstakes everyone should give it a try.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

win gorgeous swarovski crystal multicolored earrings from I LOve My Kids

Enter win some amazing swarovski crystal multicolored earrings from I Love My Kids follow these links to see the prizes and enter to win easy Rafflecopter entry.
Congratulations Freebie Junkie on reaching 10,000+ Fans on Facebook. To celebrate she is having an amazing Giveaway follow these links and see what you could win .....Enter today and join in the celebrstion.

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I LOve My KIDS/ O3 USA Giveaway

< @I love My Kids> Is having an awesome giveaway follow this link to win a backpack from O3 USA for that special boy or girl in your life
this link shows a picture of prize
Good Morning along with my wins and reviews of things I receive I am also going to post tips on entering and winning contests that everyone can do.    When I was first introduced to sweeping I was having a difficult time entering because you have to type your name address etc and I only had use of one arm which made it almost impossible.  All was not lost however when a friend of mine introduced me to ROBOFORM this downloadable program allows you to enter your info one time and then with a click of a button fills everything for you.  The next step was where do you find contests to enter that didnt require payment or were spam the answer Sweepstakes Advantage this site lists every contest adn you have plenty of choices on how to enter you can enter by prize expiration date frequency of enter etc It also allows you to save teh contests you entered so you can keep track.   The coolest feature of this site though is the Sweeps pop which allows you to open several tabs at one time with just a few clicks and then enter them easily.  So off I go to enter some sweeps and hopefully I will be back later with an update of another win...   Good Luck everyone I hope 2012 is a prosperous sweeping year for everyone who chooses to enter.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Win today so Review instead

When my grandson Brennan had a Nissen Fundoplication all his food had to be pureed babyfood is so expensive and for a 1 year old would have broken us.  To help my daughter I contacted a few companies who manufacture blenders and was responded to by Blendtec  ( ).  Not only was the customer service rep very understanding and helpful but concerned for the welfare of my grandson as well.   I received a total blender which is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  Along with the blender and instruction book you also receive a recipe book that has hundreds of amazing things you can make.   This blender not only made the food the consistency we needed as Brennan's stomach healed but also changed as the foods got chunky and such.  Now for the most amazing part of this blender.   You want one machine that can do it all this is it.. Since receiving his blender I have made juice, bread dough , soups , salsa , and Ice Cream yes I said ice cream with the easy to follow recipes your Blendtec total blender will do almost everything except cook for you. Even though Brennan is totally healed and no longer needs the special diet this Blender is our best friend to make baking, cooking and experimenting with different ingredients so much fun.  If you are looking for a blender consider Blendtec not only a great product but superior customer service second to none.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"A Christmas Wish" Prize Pack!!!

Received my prize from Doc at Kidz Rock Inc it is a great prize that consists of
 a copy of Cheri & Peter Lucking’s INDIE Excellence Award 
Winning (Best Holiday Book and Best Cover Design Children) “Santa & The 
Little Teddy Bear”, A copy of Cheri & Peter’s new book  “Bilbo’s 
Adventures:  A Christmas Wish”, 2 Packs of Greeting Cards with 
Envelopes that contain 24 Illustrations from the Book.
I would love to do a full review but my granddaughter wouldnt let me see it 
long enough to get pictures as she took it home for mommy and daddy to read to her.
 Thank you  

Another Day Another Win

Today I woke to an email from Amanda T at notifying me I have won a $25 gc to Kiki's Fashions Cant wait to shop and get an awesome dress

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 off to good start

So today is the second day of 2012 and I have won 2 prizes one is the FOODNETWORK book from Parents Connect and the second is a mystery prize from the WIC project cant wait to find out that one and to get my Book

Winner’s Choice $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Winner’s Choice $25 Gift Card Giveaway

my life as a sweeper

On May 3 2003 I was injured at work during my recovery i was introduced to sweeping since that time i have won several prizes starting now I am going to update my blog with my wins and a review of the prize i receive.  For now I am just going to list a few of my biggest prizes.....A $15,000 1 carat diamond from secret....An Ipad... A ttrip to Vegas to stay at teh Venetian and see Phantom of the Opera...A trip to NY fpr the finale of Survivor all stars....I have also won books movies , bows, gift cards and watches.  Please stay tuned as 2012 brings lots of surprises and some that I will give away to lucky followers.