Saturday, January 21, 2012

Received Juno Jr Basket

Today I received my win from Motherhood Later.... The Prize included The DAy the Music Stopped Book ...A Juno Jr Bag ....The DAy the music stopped DVD ......One Bunny Band DVD....and a Juno Doll.   The kids could not wait to open the box and their eyes lit up when they saw the presents.  Bailey immediately wanted the Doll..and Brennan couldnt wait to read the book ok so at 19 months I did the reading but it was a very good story.  The DVD we watched was the Day The Music Stopped.. it is very fun to watch and educational for the kids.. To see there eyes light up when they see the bunny and kitty and to watch them dance is so funny.  Highly recommend these DVDs to all who have preschoolers.

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