Saturday, January 21, 2012

Win From 01/20/2012

Received an email stating I was a winner of the give away.  The Prize pack I won is the following:

One (1) ADULT SWIM Jollypocalypse End of Days Holiday Survival Kit prize pack consisting of one (1) ADULT
SWIM pocket tool, one (1) ADULT SWIM hoodie, one (1) pair of Schwood sunglasses, one (1) messenger bag, one
(1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force™ DVD, one (1) Aqua Teen Hunger Force™ watch, one (1) Children’s Hospital™
calendar, one (1) Squidbillies™ Album, one (1) ADULT SWIM water bottle, and one (1) box/set of ADULT SWIM

Cant wait to get this one .

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