Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Win today so Review instead

When my grandson Brennan had a Nissen Fundoplication all his food had to be pureed babyfood is so expensive and for a 1 year old would have broken us.  To help my daughter I contacted a few companies who manufacture blenders and was responded to by Blendtec  ( ).  Not only was the customer service rep very understanding and helpful but concerned for the welfare of my grandson as well.   I received a total blender which is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  Along with the blender and instruction book you also receive a recipe book that has hundreds of amazing things you can make.   This blender not only made the food the consistency we needed as Brennan's stomach healed but also changed as the foods got chunky and such.  Now for the most amazing part of this blender.   You want one machine that can do it all this is it.. Since receiving his blender I have made juice, bread dough , soups , salsa , and Ice Cream yes I said ice cream with the easy to follow recipes your Blendtec total blender will do almost everything except cook for you. Even though Brennan is totally healed and no longer needs the special diet this Blender is our best friend to make baking, cooking and experimenting with different ingredients so much fun.  If you are looking for a blender consider Blendtec not only a great product but superior customer service second to none.

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